Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Here we have a surprise for our Polish, friends... During this year we are going to know a lot about Poland... Wow! I´m excited... We are going to have some help in class, I think so.

But, first let me introduce some information about our school and where we live...

This is  one of my favourite places in the world!!!  Yes, long time here. You are right.

Do you want to meet us? Let´s go!

We live in the Canary Islands in the north of Gran Canaria,(Canary Islands - Spain).We are in a small village near Moya. That´s it. You´ve get it.!

   If you want to visit us pay attention to the signals.
   This is a nice place with a nice weather, but don´t forget a jacket and drive cafuerly.
   We are going to learn how to ask for an address, a place, etc.

Aprendemos a presentarnos, conocemos a los nuevos compañeros, compartimos sentimientos, colaboramos en nuestros proyectos, aprendemos cómo pedir y dar información sobre un lugar al que ir ambas lenguas. Este es le primer paso para moverse por el mundo! 

We go step by step! Si no entiendes la totalidad del texto encuentra las "key words" o palabras llave, las fundamentales.

   Don´t forget you can use the google earth  or google maps if you want to know this. Try it!!!!!
   What is a blog? Let´s have a look and listen:
3. This is the 4th level class. Nice to see you again! Long time... 

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